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Friday, November 14, 2008

Aussie Christmas

click image to enlarge

This tutorial was written by me
As I am an Aussie just had to use this scrap-kit pmpl

Tools needed

Vix Mask 139

For the mask click the link below, then click on goodies
Put the mask in your psp mask folder

Template ...Xmas Template 01 from Vaybs
Scrap-kit Aussie Christmas freebie from Shari
Thanks so much I love it..
I am using a garv tube
As this is a PTU tube I can't supply it

Open the template in psp, windows duplicate
And close the original
Delete the credit layer
Close of all the template layers except raster 8
Make raster 8 active
Selections,select all, selections float,
Now open paper of choice in psp
Resize about 30%
Copy and paste into selection
Select none
Make the next layer active
Do the same as above
Now do the same to all the template layers
I just colorized the circle word art
When finished add drop-shadow to all layers
Blackadd a background to the round layer
Then add some writing to your round layer
See my tag for reference lol
Copy and paste your tube as new layer
Add drop-shadow
Make the background layer active
Layers, new raster layer
Open the gold background in psp, resize
Copy and paste gold background as new layer
Layers, load save mask from disc
Find Vix mask 139, click load
Layers merge group
Layers duplicate, image flip
Add drop-shadow
Add your name and any copyrights
Layers merge all
Thanks for doing my tutorial


shari said...

Too Cute Gaylene. Great Job as always thanks again for using my kit hun...


Carolyn said...

G'day....i have just come across your Aussie christmas tutorial....unfortunately the download links for the scraps and overlays for this marvellous tutorial are not available anymore as it was 3 yrs you still have access to this or have a link from yourslef where i can download this...and no i am not Aussie I live in UK but have a lot of Aussie mates!
thank you in email is