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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Broken Love...

Click tag to enlarge & see animation

This tutorial was written by Gaylene
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental
This tutorial was written in psp 8 but should work in other versions.
This tutorial is quick and easy.
Tools needed
Tube of choice
Mask of choice
Tear drops

Scrap-kit Broken Love freebie from Gigglygirlscrapz

download the kit HERE
Krissy has given me permission for you to download it
her blog is HERE she has gorgeous scrap-kits

I'm using a Mika Jelina tube as this is a PTU tube
I can't supply it sorry.
You can purchase the tube from CILM

Open new white image 700x580
Layer new rater layer
Floodfill with #CAB6B6
Layers, load save mask from disc find mask of choice
Layers merge group
Copy and paste frame 2 as new layer
With selection tool set at rectangle draw 2 rectangles
On the black borders of the frames layers new raster layer
Now flood-fill with #945C27 or colour of choice
Select none, drag this layer under the frame layer
Add some effects to this layer if you want
I added some below is what I did
Effects, texture effects, weave
Gap 1
Width 3
Opacity 1
Colour black for both
Fill gaps clicked
Copy and paste your tube as new layer
Place on the right frame, now duplicate the frame
Drag this layer to the top and erase part of the frame
Covering the tube see my tag for reference
Drop shadow the tube
Make top layer active
Copy and paste journalling 1 as new layer
Image resize 80%.
Image rotate free rotate 25 to the left
Drag this layer down to above the mask layer
Layer duplicate, image mirror now drag it up behind the tube
See tag for placement
Copy and paste quote 1 as new layer
Image resize 60%
Place in the top frame
Add any elements you want to
Add slight drop-shadow if you want
Add your name and any copyrights
If you not going to animate
Layers merge all


Copy merge your tag and paste in AS as new animation
Open the tear drop in AS
As the tear drop has 4 frames we have to have 4 frames
On your tag so left click on your tag
Then right click and duplicate selected
Do this till you have 4 frames
Pull the scroll bar down on your tag
And make sure you only have 4 frames
Make your tear drops active(click in the first frame)
Edit, select all,edit copy
Now back to your tag, edit select all,
edit and paste into selected frame
Make sure you keep your mouse down
Now put the tear drop where you want
Release mouse,
Click on the view animation to see if its
Animated ok, if so click on view animation again
Now to slow the rears down as they are to fast
Edit select all, animation frame properties
Put it on about 30
Click view animation again to see if its ok
If all ok you can save now
And your finished.
Thanks for doing my tut

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