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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Adorable Lolita..

Click on tag to see full size

This tutorial was written by me on 6th February 2009
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental
This tutorial was written in psp8 but should work in other versions.

Tools needed

Plugin..dsb flux, bright noise (optional)

No supplies for this tutorial

Mask I have used is WSL_Mask 116
Download HERE

Put the mask in your mask folder is psp

Scrap-kit Lolita PTU from Mar
You can purchase the scrap-kit HERE

The tube I have used is from Barbara Jenson
You must have a licence to use her tubes
You can purchase the tube HERE

This tutorial is a bit fiddly to do there is a bit of erasing

Open new white image 700x580
You can resize later if you want to
Open paper 11 in psp, selections, select all
Layers, new raster layer, copy and paste the paper into selection
Select none
Layers, load save mask from disc, find WSL_Mask 116 and load
Layers merge group
Effects, Cybia Mezzy settings below
Click on the little arrow up top and change it to Rusty
Leave the settings as is then click ok
Open Mar 21 in psp the frame resize 60%
Copy and paste as new layer
Open Mar 11 in psp and resize 80%
Copy and paste as new layer
Duplicate Mar 21 layer and drag this layer above Mar 11 layer
With eraser tool erase what parts of the frame you don't want
See my tag for reference this part is a bit fiddly
Especially around the flower so be careful
Add drop-shadow to these layers now settings below
Copy and paste your tube of choice as new layer
Place where desired and add same drop-shadow as above
Copy and paste what elements you want as new layers
You will have to resize them
Add same drop-shadow as you go
I added some brushed to my tag also and some word-art
Add your name and any copyrights
If you not going to animate layers, merge all

Now for the animation

Make the Mar 11 layer active
Effects, plugins, dsb flux, bright noise
Intensity on 25
Direction on mix
Now click mix once
Copy merge and paste as new animation in AS
Back to psp
Undo bright noise
Add the bright noise again but click mix 2 times
Select none
Copy merge and paste in AS after current frame
Back to psp
Undo bright noise
Do bright noise again but click mix 3 times
Select none
Copy merge and paste in AS after current frame
View animation
If all is ok
Thanks for doing my tutorial

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