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Monday, May 11, 2009

Endless Love...

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This tutorial was written by me on May 11th 2009

Please don't copy it and claim as your own

Supplies needed



Mask (in supplies)

Gold Pattern (in supplies)

The scrap-kit Antiquities PTU from Heart & Soul Creations (Raeven)

Purchase HERE

The tube is a PTU from Jennifer Janesko

Purchase HERE

Mask I have used is SG_Stencilled-flower-square 1

It's from Essex Girl


Word-art I used came from Dreamgirl Productionz (Harley)

Put the mask in your psp mask folder & the Gold Pattern

In your psp Pattern Folder

Open new transparent image 650x650, flood-fill with white

Layers, new raster layer, flood-fill with gold pattern I supplied

Angle on 2 & Scale on 112

Layers, load save mask from disc find the sg_stencilled-flower-square 1 mask

Click load, layers, merge group, layers, duplicate, layers, merge down

Copy and paste frame 2 as new layer, image resize 80%

Click inside of the frames with magic wand
Selections, modify, expand by 4
Copy and paste paper of choice as new layer
Selections, invert, and hit delete on your keyboard
Selections, none
Drag this layer under the frame layer
Copy and paste your tube as new layer, resize the tube if you have to
Place in the frame where you want it, now duplicate the frame layer
drag this layer above your tube layer and erase what parts of the frame you want to
Add drop-shadow to the frame layer & sharpen
Add drop-shadow to your tube also
Copy and past what elements you want as new layers
Adding a slight drop-shadow as you go and sharpen
Copy and paste your word-art as new layer
I have colourized mine and added gradient glow then a drop-shadow
Add your name and any copyrights to your tag
layers, merge all
save as...
Hope you enjoyed doing my tutorial

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