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Monday, November 10, 2008

Winter Snow

This tutorial was written by me...

Supplies need

Tube of choice

I am using the artwork of Jamie Kidd
As this is a PTU tube I can't supply it as you have to have a license to use it.

Background and snow in supplies

Template 98 by Ali download HERE

Scrap-kit Ice Candy Christmas freebie by Flashgraphics Creations
Download HERE
Download the word-art also

Effects, cybia screenworks, fine rule,

Open the template by Ali. Duplicate and close the original.
Layers new raster layer, floodfill with white
Drag to the bottom in the layers pallette
Delete the top layer. Highlight the shape 1 layer. Select all, float, defloat
Copy and paste a paper as a new layer
Invert, delete, select none. Delete the template layer
Selections. Select all, float
Add drop shadow
Select none
Highlight the shape 2 layer
Repeat above steps
Now do the above steps on all the template layers
When finished add the background iv'e supplied as new layer
Place in the center erase any of the background outside
See my tag for reference if you wish to
Now make raster 5 active the outside snow
Layers duplicate, make the original layer acive
Adjust, blur, gaussian blur on 10 click ok
Effects, cybia screenworks, fine rule, mode on 0 click ok
Make the top layer active
Copy and paste your tube of choice as new layer
Add drop-shadow same settings as above
Now copy and paste elements of choice as new layers
Adding same drop-shadow as above
Add your name and any copyrights
If not animating layers merge all, save



Open the snow I have supplied in AS
Back to psp
Close of all layers except the bottom 6 layers
Make the bottom layer active
Layer, copy merge and paste in AS as new animation
Now the snow has 20 layers so we have to make 20 layers on your tag

Left click then Right click on your tag

Layers duplicate selected keep doing this till you have 20 frames

Pull the scroll bar down to the bottom of your tag

That way you can see how many frames you have done

When finished adding the frames push the bottom scroll bar to the left

So you can see frame 1

Now back to the snow, edit, select all, edit copy

Back to your tag left click in the first frame

Edit select all, edit paste into selected frame

Move your mouse and place the snow on the background

Click on view animation and see if it's animated

If happy click on view animation again

Back to psp

Now lock the bottom 6 layers

And unlock all the other layers

Make the top layer active copy merge and paste in AS as new animation

Now do the same as above to make 20 frames

And also the same as above to add it to your tag

Making sure you place it carefully

When finished view animation if happy click on view animation again


Phew all finished lol
Hope you had fun doing this tutorial

1 comment:

Flashgraphics Creations said...

Hi there

Your tag looks absolutely beautiful and love the way you've used my kit. I'm going to add it to my blog to show off with a link back to you.

If you make any more please do let me know.

Thanks so much.