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Sunday, February 8, 2009

So Angelic..

So Angelic..

This tutorial was written by me on February 9th 2009
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental
This tutorial was written in pspx but should work in other versions.

Tools needed
Mask... WSL_Mask 192

Plugin...Tramages... Tow the Line (optional)
Xenofex... Constellation

I am using a Rachel Tallamy tube
As this is a PTU tube you must have a licence
Purchase from HERE

Scrap-kit Angelic PTU from Jo purchase below

Creationz by Jo

Mask WSL_Mask 192 from Chelle

Download HERE

Put the mask in your psp mask folder

Open new white image 700x580

Copy and paste paper 4 as new layer

I colourized mine to match my tube settings below

Adjust, hue & saturation,colorize



Click ok

Layers,load save mask from disc find WSL_Mask 192, load

Layers, merge group

Move the mask to the top left, layers duplicate, image mirror

Layers duplicate, image flip, layers duplicate image mirror

Merge all the mask layers visible

Layers duplicate, make the bottom mask layer active

Effects, Tramages, tow the line

Use default settings click ok

Copy and paste bracket 1 as new layer

Image resize 105%, colourize to match your tube if you want

Copy and paste frame 2 as new layer, resize 70%

Image mirror

Now copy and paste frame as new layer

Image resize 60%

Make the frame 2 layer active, and duplicate it

Now drag it above the frame layer

Using your eraser tool erase some of the frame

See my tag for reference

Copy and paste tube of choice as new layer

Place on the frame like I have

Add drop-shadow to your frame layers and tube

Sharpen also if you want

Now copy and paste what elements you want on your tag

Add slight drop-shadow and sharpen

Add any copyrights and your name

If not going to animate layers merge all



Make the bracket 1 layer active

Effects,Xenofex 2 constellation

Settings below
Star size 2.00
Twinkle rotation 45
Keep original image ticked
Click ok
Copy merge and paste in AS as new animation
Back to psp
Undo the twinkles
Now do the twinkles again but hit the random seed once
Copy merge and paste in AS after current frame
Do above one more time so you have 3 frames in AS
Edit, select all
Animation, frame properties, change to 15
Click ok
Thanks for doing my tutorial

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