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Friday, February 26, 2010

Punky Butts....

Click on tag to see full size...

This tutorial was written by me

I hope I can remember how I made it lol

Well here goes...

What you will need.


Template 33




Tramages... Tow the line & Alien Xenofex,.. Constellation

The tube I have used is from Barbara Jensen it's a freebie

Download HERE

Template 33 is from Punky Butts

She has wicked Templates thanks Hun

The mask sg_ geometric-grunge frame 1 from Essex Girl

Download HERE

Put the mask in your psp mask folder

Scrap-kit FTU Lacarolita_Oh my Heart from Lacarolita's Designz

Open the template in psp, window, duplicate close the original
Then delete the top layer
Make the rectangle layer active, selections, select all, float then defloat
Copy and paste paper of choice as new layer
Selections, invert then hit delete on your key-board, select none
Add drop-shadow if you want
Work your way up the layers repeating same as above
I didn't use the film strips choice is your's
In the circles & stars I used a gold gradient instead of a paper
Also in the circle layer I added a background
And in the small circles I used Tramages..Tow the line plugin
And some Constellation,default settings
I also used constellation in the stars
Add what elements you want to use add drop-shadow
Copy and paste your tube of choice add drop-shadow
unlock the white back-ground layer it's the 1st layer
in your layer palette
layers, new raste layer, flood-fill with colour of choice
or a paper
Layers, load, save mask from disc, find the mask
Click load, layers, merge group
I have added a couple of doodles in the corners also
Write your name on the tag & any copyrights
Image add borders size 2 in black
Image add borders 20 in white, click inside of border with magic wand
Image, reflection effects, kaleidoscope with settings below
Everything on 0 except number of pedals on 10
Click wrap then click ok
Selections, none
Image, add borders size 2 colour black
Save as...
Thanks for doing my tutorial

1 comment:

Cyndi said...

Hi Gaylene,

I just did my variation of "Punky Butts" tag using a twist on the same scrapkit, It was really fun, thanks!