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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beauty & Feather's...

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I wrote this tutorial on May 16th 2009
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental
This tutorial was written in pspx but should work in other versions.

If any of the things I have used are yours please let me know so I can give you credit for them.

All the tubes I have used are in the supplies except for the Jessica Dougherty tube

You must have a license to use her art-work

Purchase HERE

The mask I have used is hjr_mask_texture 49

From Hans Paintshop Palace

Put the mask in your psp mask folder

Plugin needed...Filters Unlimited 2.0.. Gradients, Linear Duplex,


Open new white image 362x504

Open the beach template in psp,

Adjust, Hue & Saturation, Colorize, settings below


Copy and paste as new layer on your image

Layers, duplicate, move down to the bottom of your tag

Just minimize this beach template as we will be using it again

Copy and paste your tube of choice as new layer

Layers, merge all

Image, add borders, put all on 1 & colour on #3B5057 click ok

Image add borders, put all on 10 colour white

With magic wand click inside of the white border

Flood-fill with #B2C0CA, keep selected

Effects, Texture effects, Weave, settings below

1, 1, 10 and both colours on #56656B

Fill gaps ticked, click ok,

Add drop-shadow 2,2,50,7 colour black, click ok

Repeat but put -2 on both V & H

Select none

Image, add borders, put all on 1 & colour on #3B5057 click ok

Now put this aside for the being

Open a new white image 700x580

Layers, new raster layer, flood-fill with #6E858E

Layers, load save mask from disc, apply the mask

Layers, merge group

Copy and paste the beach template as new layer, place to the top left

Layers, duplicate, image mirror

Copy and paste your frame & tube as new layer on this image

Place like mine, add drop-shadow

open the white frame i have supplied in psp

selections, select all, float, flood-fill with #B2C0CA

use the same Texture Effects as above,

select none, copy and paste on your tag as new layer

resize and place under your tube & frame

add drop-shadow

Now copy and paste the elements as new layers

I have colorized mine same setting as above for the beach template

Add slight drop-shadow as you go

Add your name and any copyrights to your tag

Layers, merge all

Now we going to make the frame

Image add borders, all on 1 with colour #3B5057

Image add borders, all on 20, colour white

Click inside of the white border with magic wand

In your colour pallette put the top colour on #B2C0CA

And your bottom colour on #6E858E

Effects, Filters Unlimited 2.0.. Gradients, Linear Duplex,

Keep selected

Effects, Texture effects, Weave, same settings as before

Adjust, sharpness, sharpen, add the same drop-shadow as before

Select none

Open the Pearl Corner Accents in psp, with your selection tool

Draw around the one you want to use

Copy and paste onto your tag as new layer

Image resize to your liking, place to the left of your tag

Layers, duplicate, image mirror, layers, duplicate image flip

Layers, duplicate image mirror

Add slight drop-shadow to all the layer & sharpen

Layers, merge all

Resize to your liking, save as....

Thanks for doing my tutorial



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Kar said...

I would have loved to try this TUT but the link for the supplies in invalid
Kisses Kar xxx