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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


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I wrote this tutorial on June 10th 2009
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental
This tutorial was written in psp8 but should work in other versions.

Supplies needed..


Mask (in supplies)


Plugins needed...

DSB Flux.. Blast & Eye Candy 5, Impact, Perspective Shadow

Scrap-kit Mariah FTU from Bluedream Designs

Download HERE

Thanks Bluey for the freebie it's gorgeous


Mask I used is maskCris2

I can't remember where I got this mask from

If it's your please let me know & I will give proper credit for it.

Tube is from Keith Garvey it's PTU tube

Purchase from HERE

Open new white image 700x580

Selections, select all, layers, new raster layer

Copy and paste paper of choice into selection, select none

Layers, load save mask from disc, find maskCris2, load

Layers, merge group

Repeat the above but use a different paper

Then image, resize by about 95%

Copy and paste frame of choice as new layer

Image, resize about 70%

With deform tool carefully pull out to fit on the the mask

See my tag for placement

Click in the frame with magic wand

Selections, modify by 4, Copt and paste paper of choice as new layer

Selections, invert, hit delete on your keyboard

Select none, drag this layer under the frame layer

Make the white background layer active now

Copy and paste mesh 2 as new layer, move to the left

Layers, duplicate, image, mirror

Make the top layer active now

Copy and paste ribbon 1 as new layer, move up to the top

See my tag, drag this layer above your mesh layer

Layers, duplicate, image flip

Add drop-shadow and sharpen to both layers

Make the background layer in your frame active

Apply DSB Flux, Blast, apply all 4 directions and put

Percentage on 20, copy and paste your tube as new layer

Resize it so it fits in the frame, layers, properties

I put my Opacity on about 60' click ok

I also added some blinds choice is yours though

Now add some word-art of your choice

I've used some from Clareys Designz

Add drop-shadow to your frame, and word-art

Copy and paste your tube again as new layer

Place to the right of your tag & add drop-shadow

Copy and paste some elements as new layers

Adding a drop-shadow to these layers & sharpen

Add your name and any copyrights to your tag

Close of the white background layer, merge all the other layers visible

Now open your white background layer

Make the merged layer active

Now get the Eye Candy 5, Impact, Perspective Shadow up

Unclick the Reflect Selection Colour

Click on the little black arrow & make your foreground & background

Colours what you want, now click on the Reflect Selection Colour again

Click ok, layers, merge all, save as...

Add a border if you want also

Thanks so much for doing my tutorial


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